The 5 Essential Qualities Of Any Great Action Film

The 5 Essential Qualities Of Any Great Action Film

Action motion pictures are the type of movie we try to keep to ourselves when somebody asks about our favorite type of film genre. There is a component of the absurd involved in these films that no one really desires to admit to because we wish others to take us seriously. Still, there is something about these blockbusters that draws so many people to theaters all around the world, so there needs to be something that causes us to virtually drool when a new action film hits the big screen.

It's time that we readily admit that we love these movies and that there is nothing unsuitable with feeling that way. They touch on a really elemental part of our being, and it's about time we acknowledge this genre. It have to be said, though, that the real shame has to do with so many bad action movies that exist. These tend to be the ones that draw the ire of movie buffs.

Well, movie buff or not, we like our motion films, however there have to be some standards met in order to not damage the genre anymore. As such, listed below are 5 qualities which are essential:

1. An Actual Plot - This seems like Film Making a hundred and one, however you'd be stunned what number of motion flicks are inclined to meander through poor scripts & languid characters. If an motion film to no less than be tolerable, it has to move by means of an ordinary plot line, something most high school English students know fairly well.

2. Stunts, Stunts, and Stunts - What motion-packed adventure can be complete without a stunt list within the closing credits twice as long as the forged of the actual movie? Stunts are what make up the action in action movies. Certain, a well-positioned pun can make somebody throw a punch, but it's just not the same.

3. Betrayal - If somebody is stabbed in the back, literally or figuratively, there's sure to be some level of payback to be had, and with it will be a plethora of action sequences that will get your coronary heart racing & blood pumping.

4. Multiple Love Interests - The action hero always appears to get the girl. One is the mandatory sweetheart that gets caught up in a major plot. The opposite happens to be the girl on the bad guys' side. She has a heart of gold but was lured away to a lifetime of crime. Each tug at the hero's heartstrings, however only one will make it to the tip of the movie.

5. A Hero Who's A Wordsmith - Nothing, however nothing, comes close to being an essential motion movie quality than that of the hero with a witty way with words. Sometimes a well-placed knife in an enemy or a passionate embrace with a fairly girl can only be punctuated with a killer one-liner.

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